What Drives Us Forward

CVO’s story is one of transformation, constant growth and an impressive corporate pedigree. For more than two decades, we have been held by a succession of commercial giants: Lockheed Martin, Xerox and Conduent. In 2018, we became a stand-alone company as CVO was acquired by Alinda Capital Partners, one of the world’s premier infrastructure investors.

At our core, CVO is an IT innovation organization that creates advanced solutions for the transportation logistics arena, for both government and industry. For state agencies, CVO is a proven provider of operational activity technologies focused on carrier inspection and credential screening throughout the USA and Canada. For transportation fleets, we provide sophisticated bypass and electronic toll management services for commercial vehicle operators, including many of the largest fleets on the highways today.

Our corporate appellation, CVO, represents Connected Vehicle Optimization, and we are superbly positioned to meet the extraordinary challenges of emerging and changing transportation paradigms. Our organization will continue to play a leading role in the development of best-in-class solutions as we help to shape the future in ways yet to be imagined.

Who’s Behind the Wheel

We’re innovators. We’re boundary-pushers. We’re collaborative. We’re thought leaders. CVO’s offices are filled with people of various backgrounds with one goal in mind — create a more connected future.

Skip Kinford

President & CEO
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Kelly Photo

Kelly Frey

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
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Clay Beer Image

Clay Beers

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
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Patty Mazerolle

Patty Mazerolle

HR Director
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Matt Photo

Matt Verbin

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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Bruce Eddie

Bruce C. Eddy

Executive Vice President, General Counsel
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Corey Catten

Corey Catten

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Our Fuel for Innovating

Our core values aren’t just words. We incorporate them into the fabric of our most important key initiatives. We live them in everything we do. Our core values are what makes us CVO.

People First

Great people do great things, so we hire and develop the best. We create an environment enabling us to think big, have fun, do good and maximize our performance.

Change the Game

Empower disruption and deliver innovation that matters. Be what’s next.

Make Something Better, Today

Be courageous agents of change, make data-driven decisions. Fail fast and succeed more. building

Do the Right Thing

We’re honest, transparent, ethical and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company, because there is no alternative.

We Deliver on Our Promises

We fully engage in whatever we’re doing, and are fully present with others. We do what we say we’re going to do, and then some.

Break Silos, Build Bridges

Share information. Share mistakes. Celebrate success. We encourage active participation, fearless communication and new ideas, especially if they can challenge our beliefs.

Join Us

Looking to work for a future-driven, exciting and innovative company? CVO is always seeking out individuals who are limited only by the confines of their imaginations. Help us shape the way the world interacts with vehicle connectivity. We provide our people with highly competitive benefits (401K, Medical Insurance, Paid Time Off), but we think you’ll really love us for how we go above and beyond.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

CVO is deeply committed to sustainability practices, and we are proud to participate annually in the GRESB Environmental, Social and Governance assessment. The mission at GRESB is the “transition to sustainable real assets”; the vision is one of “a real asset investment industry that plays a critical role in creating a sustainable world…”


CVO’s most recent GRESB score is in the top quartile of all participants. GRESB participants benefit from receiving “comparative business intelligence on where they stand against their peers [and] insight into the actions they can take to improve their ESG performance…” CVO will continue to focus on our contributions toward a more sustainable environment through our actions and our products. Learn more about GRESB at gresb.com.