We Empower Transportation through Innovation

CVO is at the forefront of driving change in transportation industries. We provide innovative, cloud-native technology that allows for greater connectivity between vehicles and control systems. CVO succeeds in a competitive arena with efficient, integrated solutions. Vehicles are always in motion, and our data moves just as fast as they do.

Innovation Defined

Connected Vehicle Optimization is no longer the future of transportation; it is today’s reality. Toll and express lane tracking, inspection station bypassing and the safe and efficient operation of vehicles – including autonomous vehicles – all rely on the ability of operational systems, roadways and vehicles to communicate securely with each other. At CVO, we are focused on developing, integrating and optimizing innovative technologies that enable the unlimited capabilities of connected vehicles and the infrastructure with which they communicate.

Connected Vehicle(n.)

  1. Technologies that enable cloud-connected vehicles to communicate securely to other vehicles, systems and infrastructure

Accelerating Forward with Clear Intent

We waste no time getting to 100 mph in our cloud-based technology solutions. Our innovative people work locally and remotely to implement ideas quickly and collaboratively. And our new corporate headquarters in the heart of downtown Phoenix at Block 23 has been designed with teamwork in mind. Architected with intent, this incredible space provides fuel for creative freethinking to provide the technology of the future, today.

Join the Movement

Be on the forefront of cutting edge technology with CVO. We encourage creativity and provide the freedom to propose solutions that drive the transportation industry forward. Help us shape the way the world interacts with vehicle connectivity. We provide our people with highly competitive benefits, but we think you’ll really love us for how we go above and beyond.

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Looking for Solutions?

CVO provides contractual services to the PrePass Safety Alliance, the owner and provider of PrePass weigh station bypassing and other advanced truck safety and toll payment technologies, to further advance the Alliance’s mission of highway safety and efficiency. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) public charity which is governed by a board of directors comprised of an equal number of State government agency and trucking industry representatives.